Dental Bonding Facts

Dental Bonding Facts

October 2, 2017 Dental Bonding

The wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures available to make your smile look its best is sometimes hard to keep up with if you are not a dentist in Platte City at Platte Valley Dental Care. When patients come to us with any sort of complaint about the way their smile looks, we have dozens of procedures we can recommend to address their specific needs. One of those is a process called dental bonding. Here are some dental bonding facts to know.

What Dental Bonding Does

Dental bonding, also called cosmetic bonding, is a process through which we can cover stains, chips, cracks, or minor gaps between teeth. This is achieved with a resin material that is matched to the color of your smile. The resin is applied to the area and allowed to dry with a special light that sets it into place for good. Natural enamel and the resin become chemically bonded, and your tooth now appears good as new.

Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is used for many reasons. One of the key benefits is that it tends to be more affordable and a much faster treatment. Cosmetic bonding can be performed in the same visit in many cases, just like a filling, and it requires no restructuring of your tooth like veneers do. Protecting your tooth’s integrity while still covering the imperfections is a good reason why bonding is a good option for many patients.

Dental Bonding Is Metal-Free

Many people remember having unattractive silver fillings as kids – and may even have them now. Dental bonding uses no metal at all, so you never have to worry about harming your body or making your smile appear less attractive.

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