MTM Clear Aligners

mtm clear aligners

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to straighten your teeth without having to resort to metal braces? The truth is, for most people, metal braces can be a thing of the past thanks to new methods of straightening teeth like MTM Clear Aligners.

The Difference

Traditional braces consist of wires and brackets. The brackets are cemented onto the teeth, and then the wires are used to drag the teeth into alignment. The method is effective, but it is not comfortable. Often, too, metal braces can cause as many problems as they correct because of the danger of food particles getting under the braces and causing decay. Simply stated, it is not easy to brush and floss when wearing metal braces.

MTM Clear Aligners, on the other hand, deliver an easy way of straightening teeth without the problems that go hand-in-hand with metal braces.

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The Benefits

MTM Clear Aligners are, as you could no doubt tell from the name, clear. That means that unless someone is very much in your personal space, the likelihood that they will know you are wearing braces is slim to none.

MTM Clear Aligners are not fixed onto your teeth, so you can take them out when you want to eat, brush or floss. It is recommended, though, that you leave your aligners in for at least 20 hours in any given day.

Another advantage to MTM Clear Aligners is that they are not expensive. Usually, they are no more costly than traditional braces.

How Do MTM Clear Aligners Work?

Once you decide to begin treatment, a series of clear aligners will be created for you. They will work gently and effectively to move your teeth into proper alignment, and you will not have to worry about the discomfort that can be caused from wearing traditional metal braces.

You will receive a full set of aligners at the beginning of your treatment, and you will change them at home. You will not have to come to your dentist’s office for tightenings and you will never have to worry about broken bands and wires. You will only have to come in from time to time to make sure that your treatment is proceeding effectively.

Can Anyone Use MTM Clear Aligners?

Pretty much. Unless you have a very serious malocclusion, then chances are that you will be a good candidate for MTM Clear Aligners. Of course, your dentist is the best person to help you make that decision. Not every dental issue will respond effectively to MTM Clear Aligners, but most will.

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