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What are the Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity?

Posted on 4/24/2023 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What are the Best Treatments for Teeth Sensitivity?Treating teeth sensitivity is a process that will involve the dentist. First, the dentist will identify what is causing the sensitivity. The dentist will try to see if your tooth has a cavity. In most instances, sensitivity is caused by exposure to cementum or dentin after it has gone through erosion. The teeth then tend to be sensitive after trying to eat, drink, or even when doing things such as brushing the teeth. The erosion of the dentin can occur mostly after eating or drinking foods that are acidic and sugary. The dentist will recommend what is good for your teeth and reduce the sensitivity issues.

What is Teeth Sensitivity?

Sensitivity of the teeth is not something one wants to go through. If you perform some activities like brushing, eating, and drinking that sharp pain in your teeth is called sensitivity. You will have sensitivity issues if your enamel is worn out or if the tooth roots are exposed. Other things that can make you have that discomfort are the chipped or cracked tooth, cavities, gum diseases, or even worn-out fillings. Visit the dentist to have an identification of underlying issues to the sensitivity of your teeth.

Treatments Options for Teeth Sensitivity?

Having fillings might help reduce the sensitivity since they block the exposed dentin. The performing of a root canal procedure will also help the teeth in the reduction of sensitivity. Other procedures that a dentist might recommend are having dental implants, crowns, fillings, or even going through the procedure of tooth extractions. Dentists will use extractions if the teeth are exposed too much and will not give you long-term solutions if you have other procedures like fillings, root canal, or even having implants. Visit us to know what treatment method is good for you if you are experiencing teeth sensitivity.

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