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What to Know About Oral Piercings and How Often They Get Infected

Posted on 10/15/2019 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What to Know About Oral Piercings and How Often They Get InfectedInfections tend to occur when the bacteria become trapped within your piercings. New tongue piercings are usually more susceptible to infections in comparison to other types of piercings because of the number of bacteria that are present within our mouths.

A higher percentage of the bacteria is introduced within our mouths from drinking and eating. Performing oral sex, french kissing, and engaging in a variety of sexual activities may also transfer bacteria into our mouths.

Identifying an Infection

If the oral piercings are still new, then you should expect to experience some infections. Within the first weeks, you should expect to experience minor swelling, redness, warmth or mild heat, and white or clear discharge.

Swellings and redness which extend beyond the piercings might be a sign of an infection. Other signs that you should be on the lookout for include excessive bleeding, severe pain, persistent warmth, yellow discharge or pus, and fever.

How to Avoid Infections

If you have an oral piercing, you should avoid playing around with the jewelry. Moving the piercing around may increase irritation and swelling. Moreover, it can also introduce bacteria inside the holes. You should only touch the piercing during cleansing.

Apart from avoiding to play around with the jewelry, you should also clean the area at least two times each day. One of the best ways to prevent further irritation and flush out any bacteria is through regular cleaning. You can always use a saline solution, which is the most effective and easiest way of cleaning an oral piercing.

To clean up the piercing, you should begin by soaking a sturdy paper towel and clean cloth in a saline solution. Avoid using tissues, cotton balls, and thin towels as they tend to get caught up in or on your jewelry.

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