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What to Do if You Notice a Filling Wiggle

Posted on 2/15/2020 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What to Do if You Notice a Filling WiggleIf you feel your filling might be loose, contact us right away. We will be able to tell you right away the source of the problem and develop a strategy to take care of the loose filling. In most cases, a simple single x-ray will be all that should be necessary.

We will want to ensure that the bacteria or infection has not moved through the nerve tissue of the tooth. In some instances, it might be possible to simply fix restores the problem with another filling, but it is also possible that it might require a tooth extraction because the filling has shown a deeper cavity upon exposure to the tooth's nerve.

Why Do Dental Fillings Fall Out?

There are a number of reasons why fillings can fall out. In some instances, the patient can have some additional decay forming around the filling. Keep in mind that every filling has a certain life expectancy and that if that filling has reached its time limit that something as simple as biting down on a piece of hard food can cause the filling to break loose or fall out. When this happens, it creates the perfect opportunity for saliva, food and other substances to enter into those spaces around the tooth and those spaces are almost impossible to clean. That causes an issue of new tooth decay on top of old tooth decay and the filling just loosens as the space inside the tooth grows even larger.

Any Loose Filling Should be Treated As Soon As Possible

A loose filling or a filling that has fallen out is a serious matter and the damaged tooth surface will only continue to expand into a larger area. The area inside the tooth isn't meant to endure normal use or combat tooth decay on a daily basis. The dentin can damage itself at a fast rate, causing a lot of nerve damage and the tooth to be infected and a lot of pain. If dealt with immediately you can try and prevent the necessity of a root canal that may result from an abscess.

Please call our office right away at the first sign of a loose filling. We will want to get you in as quickly as possible to try and see what the issue is and prevent any further damage.

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