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Does Fiber Help Improve Oral Health?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Does Fiber Help Improve Oral Health?Your body needs fiber for a number of different functions. However, most people do not get the daily recommended amount of fiber in their diet. While you may be taking fiber supplements, you're still likely not reaching this goal. However, there are some reasons why you should consider adding more fibrous foods to your meals. These foods do many things, including improving your overall oral health.

How Does Fiber Helps Your Teeth?

Several studies have indicated that eating foods high in fiber can help your teeth and gums in a few different ways. First, these foods do help keep your mouth clean. Eating apples, celery, and other foods high in fiber often require you to chew more vigorously. This, in turn, promotes saliva production. Saliva helps to clean your mouth by washing away bacteria, food debris, and other foreign objects in the teeth. It neutralizes the acids that are found in many foods, too. These acids can weaken the outer layers of your teeth, making it easier for bacteria to damage them. By washing away bacteria, acids, food, and other debris, your gums are also more protected. You're less likely to suffer from gingivitis or its more advanced form, periodontal disease.

Fiber Helps Regulate Your Blood Sugar

Fiber also indirectly helps your oral health by regulating your blood sugar. If you have extremely high blood sugar, it can damage many different parts of your body, including your mouth. High blood sugar can increase your risk of cavities and make it easier for you to develop gum disease. When your blood sugar is regularly higher than it should be, your body isn't able to fight off infection as easily. You may also develop dry mouth, which means you don't have the saliva needed to wash out your mouth. If you're experiencing dry mouth, gingivitis, or any other issue with your oral health, try adding more fiber to your diet. Also, you absolutely need to come see us so we can diagnose the cause of these issues. Call today to make an appointment.

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