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Reasons Your Teeth May Begin to Turn Brown

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Reasons Your Teeth May Begin to Turn BrownGood oral hygiene is necessary to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth white. Pearly white teeth will boost your confidence, making you smile more often around people. On the other hand, stained teeth will lower your esteem and affect your smile. Even with the best practices, your teeth may still turn brown. Brown teeth could result from the use of certain medications, dental fluorosis, and prolonged exposure to nicotine.

Medicine Side Effect

Some antibiotics, such as tetracycline, are likely to cause teeth discoloration, especially in children whose teeth are still developing. Also, if a pregnant woman consumes these medications during pregnancy, their effect may spread to the child and cause their teeth to turn brown. Chlorhexidine, a medicated mouthwash, can also cause brown spots in teeth with prolonged exposure.

Dental Fluorosis

Fluoride is necessary for the development of healthy teeth. However, if consumed in excess, fluoride will cause dental fluorosis, especially in children. Fluorosis, depending on the intensity, will cause teeth discoloration. While white streaks characterize mild fluorosis, severe fluorosis is characterized by brown, black, or gray patches on the teeth. Such teeth may also have rough and irregular surfaces.


The teeth, just like the skin, have pores. Cigarettes and tobacco release the active ingredient, nicotine, into these pores. Despite nicotine being colorless, its interaction with oxygen will change its color to yellow, and when it settles on teeth over time, teeth will turn brown. Tooth discoloration in smokers will vary depending on the method of inhalation, with some having darker teeth than others. Other factors that may cause teeth to turn brown include beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine, tooth decay, and tartar.

Given the above factors, you can minimize tooth discoloration by brushing and flossing regularly. You should also schedule dental cleanings for teeth whitening if you have discolored teeth. For more details on tooth discoloration, contact our office today.

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