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Big Advantages of Invisalign

Posted on 11/8/2021 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Big Advantages of InvisalignWhen you want to straighten your teeth, there are few options as effective as Invisalign. The dentist is likely to recommend this treatment when they feel like the conventional metal braces will not suit your lifestyle. This is especially true if you are an adult and are already working. It would seem awkward for you to show up in the office with metal braces fixed in your mouth. This is likely to hit your confidence. Teens who are in high school might also want to avoid the metal braces because they might become a laughing stock in class and school. That is why Invisalign presents the best treatment solution.

It is transparent and therefore invisible

As the name suggests, Invisalign is invisible. When you ask many people, this can be the biggest reason why they chose this treatment option. You can wear them and no one will notice. The only way a person can notice is if they come close to your mouth and take a close look. Otherwise, you can do that presentation without anyone noticing.


Unlike the conventional metal braces that are semi-permanent and require a dentist to remove, the aligners are removable and you can take them off and wear them will. You wear them for around 20 hours a day, but when it is time to eat, brush or floss you can easily remove them.


When you come into the office, the dentist will custom make aligner trays that fit perfectly in your mouth and teeth. You might even forget that you are wearing aligners. That is how comfortable they are to wear. The aligners will also irritate your soft tissue because of the rounded nature of the edges.

Come to our offices if you want to straighten your teeth. Our dentists can custom make your aligners to ensure that you can continue with your daily activities full of confidence.

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