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Genetics and oral health

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Genetics and oral healthFor aesthetics and good dental health is essential for your teeth. If you floss and brush regularly it will prevent your teeth from teeth decay tooth loss and gum disease. Genetic factors can also affect your gums and your teeth. Genetics is beyond your control and no matter how much you visit your dentist te teeth will be affected. There are ways however this can be slowed down. Talk to the dentist and you will learn more about genetic factors.

How do genetics affect your teeth?

Some genetic factors might interfere with the teeth' alignment and some may even form cavities. The content of saliva in your mouth neutralizes the acid in the mouth and the plaque and bacteria forming decay. If you have teeth that have more grooves or crevice your mouth is likely to develop cavities for food will deposit in these areas. If there is a family history with periodontitis, then you are likely to carry the genes. If you also inherited a weak immune system, then you are likely to get a hard time recovering from a gums infection.

Genetics and behavior

Your genes determine a lot about the way you behave, what you eat, and how you live. This means that that the food you eat determines much about how your lifestyle. You can't change your genes but you can be able to determine how you live. Talk to the dentist about the family history and medical issues, this way the dentist will be able to know what treatment option is good for you. The dentist will also recommend the best food for your dental health. Visit our dentist and you will get the best treatment for you and identify any genetic issue that may be related to your dental health.

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