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What is the treatment for baby bottle tooth decay

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What is the treatment for baby bottle tooth decayBaby bottle tooth decay is the progressive worsening of a young kid's tooth enamel caused by sweetened liquids, acidity, and sugar exposure. The bacteria in the mouth break the sugar-producing acid that attacks the teeth; this condition occurs on the incisors. The signs of this condition are brown spots on the teeth, minor bleeding, swollen gums, fever, and bad breath. Treatment for this condition is explained here.

Changing of the child's diet

When a kid has this condition, it is advisable to change the diet and reduce giving the kid food with a lot of sugar because it causes cavities and tooth decay. Foods rich in acidity wear out the enamel, which protects the teeth. This changes the appearance of the teeth opening the door for germs and bacteria, which causes infection. One should substitute water in the water bottle rather than juices and sodas to reduce the exposure of sugary items on the kid's teeth.

Dental fillings and extractions

This is where the oral surgeon fills the cavities caused by the disease. Also, stainless crowns can be used to cover. After pulpal therapy has been done to the teeth and decay is removed, the oral surgeon fits and cements a stainless crown over that tooth; the crown is durable, has low intensity, and is less likely to need treatment. An oral surgeon does the extraction of damaged teeth. They can use general anesthesia depending on the level of maturity of the kid; the tooth is extracted when the teeth infection is beyond repair.

Fluoride application

In the early stages of this condition, fluoride is advisable as it strengthens the surface or enamel of the teeth, and it helps in re-mineralizing the teeth as it prevents decay. The use of toothpaste containing fluoride in small amounts should be encouraged if the child is old enough to spit by themselves. When dental problems are noticed, the parent should maintain proper hygiene in the mouth; change the toothbrush after every three months.

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