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Signs Of Dry Socket

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Platte Valley Dental Care
Signs Of Dry SocketA dry socket is a dental condition that usually develops after the extraction of a permanent tooth. It usually occurs when the region where the tooth was extracted fails to form a blood clot. The purpose of the clot is to fill the empty space where the tooth was removed, thus preventing the space from filling with food debris and exposure to the underlying bones and nerves, which often leads to severe pain. Our practice offers treatment for such problems and helps you reduce the pain associated with a dry socket.

Common symptoms of dry socket

Dry socket is the most commonly reported side effect of tooth extraction. Some of the signs of this condition include intense pain just a few days after the tooth removal procedure. This pain is usually a result of exposure to the nerves in the region. You may also observe an empty socket in the area where the tooth was removed. Some bones may also be visible. This is a problem as it may lead to infections. This is usually because the blood clot that is supposed to occupy that section had dissolved before healing or failed to develop. The part of the face where the procedure was done may also experience pain originating from the socket to the ear, eye, and neck.

It is common to experience a little pain and discomfort after a tooth extraction procedure. Our dentists will prescribe a pain reliever to solve this problem. However, when the pain persists after taking medication, you should make a point to call our dentists for further treatment.

Contact our offices today if you're experiencing any of the mentioned signs of a dry socket. Our team of experts will be happy to book an appointment to help you treat the dry socket and relieve you of the pain.

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