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3D Imaging
Platte City, MO

A staff member reviewing 3D images of a patient's mouth at Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO
Your mouth is made up of many components. All of these components, including teeth, bones, muscles, joints, and more, allow your mouth to perform a wide array of functions. There are many parts of your mouth that are visible to the naked eye, but there are also many parts that we cannot see. At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can see these hidden components, allowing for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans, with 3D imaging.

What is 3D Imaging?

3D imaging is a modern technology that involves the use of digital technology to capture a 3D picture of the structures in your mouth. The technology is very similar to that used for capturing digital x-rays. The images produced, though, are closer to those captured by a CT scan. 3D imaging uses a cone-shaped x-ray beam that rotates a complete 360 degrees around your head. It captures several images as it moves.

Once the scan is complete, the images are pieced together to generate a single 3D image that is displayed almost immediately on a computer monitor. With this image, we can see your teeth, jawbone, joints, muscles, sinus cavities, nasal cavities, and nerve passageways. It allows us to provide you with an accurate diagnosis of a variety of different oral health issues and enables us to provide you with a highly effective treatment plan.

Uses for 3D Imaging

3D imaging can be used for many different purposes. These include:
•  Diagnosing impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth and others.
•  Taking a closer look at sinus cavities and nasal passages.
•  Locating nerve passageways.
•  Evaluating jaw tumors.
•  Determining the need for a bone graft.
•  Determining the optimal placement of dental implants.
•  Diagnosing causes of TMJ disorder.
•  Planning for reconstructive surgery.

How is 3D Imaging Done?

The process for 3D imaging is both incredibly simple and very fast. Before your scan, you will be instructed to remove all jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, and facial piercings. You will also be instructed to remove any hair accessories that have metal as well as glasses and hearing aids if you wear them.

Once you are ready, you sit at the machine and place your chin on the rest. We then make adjustments to ensure that we capture the best image possible. When you are ready, we start your scan. The entire process takes less than 60 seconds to complete. Shortly after your scan is complete, the image is displayed.

Benefits of 3D Imaging

There are many benefits associated with 3D imaging:
•  Getting your scan is quick, easy, and completely painless.
•  With one scan, we are provided with a high-quality image of your teeth, jawbone, joints, and other structures.
•  We can manipulate the image around to see your mouth from several different angles.
•  We can zoom in on specific parts of your mouth and enhance the images for greater clarity. This allows us to see even the smallest details of your mouth.
•  Your image provides exact measurements of your mouth, which helps us to create restorations that fit perfectly within your mouth.

3D imaging allows us to see the hidden parts of your mouth in incredible detail, enabling us to provide you with the best possible oral health care. Call Platte Valley Dental Care at (816)858-2027 today to learn more.

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At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can see hidden components, allowing for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans, with 3D imaging. Click here to learn more.
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