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Intraoral Camera
Platte City, MO

A doctor using an intraoral camera on a patient at Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO
Regular dental exams are a crucial component of maintaining the health of your mouth. With exams, we can detect the presence of oral health issues like tmj in their earliest stages, before symptoms begin to appear. This allows us to provide you with the necessary dental care to prevent the issues from getting worse. Other types of exams are performed when you are experiencing symptoms and require treatment. These types of exams allow us to determine the cause of your symptoms and formulate an effective treatment plan.

As part of your exam, we take a close look at the visible structures inside your mouth. Some parts of your mouth, however, are more difficult to see than others. At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can take a closer look inside your mouth with the intraoral camera.

What Is an Intraoral Camera?

The intraoral camera is a technological development over the traditional metal mirror that we have been using for years to examine your teeth and gums. While the mirror allows us to see the harder to see areas of your mouth, it is limited in what it can show us. With the intraoral camera, we can take a much closer look at the visible structures in your mouth and see the smallest details. The intraoral camera is a handheld device that is about the same size as a large pen. One end of the wand has a small optical camera. On the other end, it is attached to a computer.

When we place the camera in your mouth, it allows us to see the structures inside on a monitor. As we move the camera around, the camera captures real-time images. We can also capture stills with the intraoral camera. We can take a look at different areas inside your mouth without you having to keep your mouth open for extended periods of time. This feature also allows us to examine your mouth without being bent over your face. It also allows us to get a closer look at dental emergencies.

More Thorough Oral Examinations

Once we capture images of your mouth, we can use specialized software to more closely examine the structures in your mouth. We can zoom in on different parts of your mouth and enhance the images so that we can see details more clearly. These features allow us to see the smallest details of your mouth. We can spot the tiniest issues that we might have otherwise been missed using a mirror. This enables us to perform a more thorough oral screening and provide you with a much more accurate diagnosis of different oral health issues. With a more accurate diagnosis, we can formulate a more effective treatment plan to restore your oral health.

See Inside Your Mouth

With the intraoral camera, you get a chance to see inside your mouth and take a look at areas you might not otherwise be able to see. By being able to see different areas inside your mouth, you can more easily understand a diagnosis and why you are being recommended for certain treatments. Seeing the issues inside your mouth helps you to understand their severity and the need for treatment. Seeing inside your mouth while we perform different procedures can also help patients or kids who experience anxiety or fear.

Take an Active Role in Your Oral Care

Images taken with the camera can be printed out so that you can take them home. These images can serve as a reference point. When you are taking care of your mouth, you can monitor different things within your mouth. The moment you notice a change, you are then able to call the office. If you are considering Invisalign or braces we will also use an intraoral camera before the treatment so patients can track improvement. By calling as soon as you notice changes, we can help you to prevent serious issues from arising.

Improving Your Dental Visits

Today, files are stored digitally. Even x-rays and images, including those taken with the intraoral camera, are stored this way. Storing images digitally significantly reduces the risk of them getting lost or ruined. Additionally, if we need to access an older image, we can easily find it instead of having to dig through a paper file. This helps to keep your appointments focused on what is most important.

The intraoral camera allows us to take a closer look at the smallest details of your mouth that we might not be able to see with a handheld mirror. Whether you're interesteCall Platte Valley Dental Care today at (816)858-2027 to learn more.

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At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can take a closer look inside your mouth with the intraoral camera to see the smallest details in the structures of your mouth. Call us today!
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