Root Canals

root canals

Imagine the structure of your tooth as similar to that of a candle. When the tooth is damaged from decay or trauma, the nerve becomes infected. That nerve is like the wick of the candle. A root canal procedure is an economical way to save the tooth by removing the damaged “wick.”

Signs that you need a root canal may be subtle or quite noticeable, including:

  • Thermal sensitivity (you wince when hot or cold hits that tooth).
  • The tooth throbs when you bite on it.
  • Spontaneous pain in the tooth – it hurts for no obvious reason.
  • Your gum or cheek swells near the tooth.

Platte Valley Dental Care will use a simple, methodical process to permanently repair your tooth and ease your discomfort.

Dr. Blaha and her staff and Platte Valley Dental Care agree that root canals have a bad reputation. They are so often associated with pain and Dr. Blaha believes that is because so many people wait too long once a tooth starts to have symptoms.

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Root canals are usually very comfortable dental procedures. The area of infection is adequately anesthetized so the procedure is very comfortable. The “wick” portion of the tooth is removed. Then, the canal area is precisely cleaned, shaped and disinfected. Then the canal is filled and a temporary filling is placed. This is completed with the goal to save as much tooth as possible.

Root canals most often fail because the seal to the canal is broken. For this reason, most teeth require a crown over the tooth once the root canal is complete.

Your symptoms will subside immediately following the procedure. We’ll have you back in a few weeks to place a permanent filling or possibly a dental crown.

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