Do you remember dial-up Internet? Waiting for ages and ages for pages to load, and then going to make a cup of coffee or go grocery shopping while you downloaded things? If you do, then you know how technology has advanced by leaps and bounds to improve our lives. Technology has improved everywhere, not just on the Internet, but also in our smartphones, TVs that allow us to stream content, and more.

Technology has also grown and flourished in your dentist’s office. We now have several devices that can identify tooth decay very early on and deliver state-of-the-art treatments in practically no time. The following are just a few of the ways that Platte Valley Dental Care brings better dental treatment to you thanks to technology.

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Intraoral Camera

Did you ever wonder exactly what your dentist was looking at, when he/she huddled in your personal space and looked into your mouth? Have you ever wondered if your dentist’s eyesight was good enough for him or her to view everything that needed to be seen?

Intraoral cameras take all the guesswork out of dental exams. These amazing little devices are tiny enough that they can be held between the fingers, and powerful enough to give the dentist an image of everything that is going on in your mouth.

Using an intraoral camera, your dentist can show you exactly how your mouth looks, right now. You will be able to see plaque buildup, tooth decay, tartar and more, and you will be able to see all the areas that your dentist wants to treat and understand the reasons why they need to be treated. No matter what dental procedure you might need, an intraoral camera can show you the reason why you need it, and help your dentist to provide more effective treatments.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are also sometimes referred to as digital radiographs. They are very different from the dental x-rays of old, in that they do not involve having you open your mouth to the point of pain and have it invaded with uncomfortable dental film. You also do not have to wait for what seems like forever for the dental technician to go into another room and take an x-ray, and then another eternity while the films are developed. And, of course, they then likely need to go through the whole procedure again if the technician does not get a clear image the first time.

With digital x-rays, the images are so much clearer, and rarely need to be re-taken. You also do not have to wait, since the images are sent directly to a computer; there is no messy processing in chemical baths. And finally, if your x-rays need to be sent to a specialist, they can simply be transferred via email.


E4D is a way of imaging and creating dental crowns and other restorations without the need for multiple visits to your dentist. Because everything is done using computer technology, you no longer have to undergo the discomfort of biting into goop-filled trays so that your dentist can get an impression of your teeth. You also do not have to wear temporary crowns while a dental lab makes your permanent restorations. You can actually get in and out of your dentist’s office in Platte City in a single day, with a full crown.

With E4D, your teeth are digitally scanned, and metal-free crowns are created in mere minutes. So if you are worried about needing time off work to have crowns made and fitted, worry no more. E4D technology can also be used for other applications, like creating porcelain veneers, inlays and onlays.

DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection

At Platte Valley Dental Care, one of the most revolutionary dental technologies we offer is DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection. It is a way of using a laser instrument to find tooth decay before it can take hold and destroy your teeth. What it does is essentially provide feedback on your tooth’s health. A technician will use the DIAGNOdent laser to scan your teeth, and if decay is found, an alarm goes off.

It really is just that easy. Even better, it is totally safe, and completely pain-free. Once your dentist knows where tooth decay is hiding, he or she can treat it before it has the opportunity of invading the adjacent teeth and possibly requiring more extensive treatment. This is just one more tool that your dentist uses to provide you with the best possible oral care so that you can keep your natural teeth for many years to come.

Soft Tissue Laser

With soft tissue laser treatment, your dentist can correct a gummy smile in practically no time, vaporizing unwanted tissue with minimal bleeding. Essentially, it removes undesirable tissue without harming the healthy tissue

Soft laser tissue treatment can also destroy harmful bacteria that can hide under your gums and can lead to periodontal disease. It does so far more efficiently than conventional methods like scaling and root planing.

If you are troubled by cold sores, soft laser treatment can help with that as well. Many patients find that their cold sores clear up quickly, and that they are also less prone to further cold sores when they have soft laser treatment.

Soft tissue laser treatment is just one more way that we work at Platte Valley Dental Care to improve your oral health and make your visit to the dentist’s office is actually enjoyable, or, at least, less stressful.

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