Teeth Whitening Facts

Teeth Whitening Facts

December 4, 2017 Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic dentistry procedures here in Platte City at Platte Valley Dental Care, and all across the nation. So much popularity leads to a lot of questions. There are definitely a few misunderstandings out there about the whitening process, which is why we think it’s important to share these teeth whitening facts.

Teeth Whitening Is Effective but Not Magic

If you think you will leave the dentist in Platte City with blindingly white red-carpet teeth, you may be setting the bar a little too high. Your teeth are not naturally white. All teeth are naturally a shade of yellow or gray, and all teeth whitening does is to polish away the stains that have darkened the natural color of the tooth. Teeth whitening will make your teeth bright and attractive for about 18 months. These procedures are much more effective when performed by a trained cosmetic dentist, who is trained to identify why your teeth are stained, and to work to specifically attack the types of stains based on your lifestyle.

Teeth Whitening Is Safe

Many people fall for the myth that the blue light that is shined at teeth during a professional teeth whitening procedure is a laser or something else that will harm you. It is just a UV light, which breaks down the stains set into the teeth. Additionally, contrary to many myths, teeth whitening is not linked to long-term sensitivity in teeth or gums. It is true that some people can experience sensitivity after a procedure, due to the hydrogen peroxide that is used. However, this usually passes in a day, and it has no long-term effect.

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