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At Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO, one of the most commonly chosen cosmetic dentistry treatments among our clients is teeth whitening. We provide both at-home and in-office treatments, but which is best? Much of the time, the choice between in-office and take-home teeth whitening will depend on our lifestyle. In the material that follows, we will talk about the benefits of each type of teeth whitening treatment.

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What About Over-the-Counter Whiteners?

We do not recommend over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments. First of all, you will never get the level of whitening that you will with the treatments your dentist can provide. Second, whitening strips only work on the front of your teeth, so if you actually do get any significant level of whitening (which is unlikely), once you open your mouth wide, the difference between your front and back teeth will be obvious. The results will almost always be unsatisfactory, with only a few levels of whitening at best, and again, only in the front of your mouth.

In-Office Teeth Whitening Procedures

With in-office teeth whitening, you can have your teeth brightened by as many as eight shades, and you only need one appointment. The dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth, and all you need to do is take it easy in the dentist chair. Usually, the treatment will only take about an hour. This type of treatment can work on even the most stubborn stains, and the results can last for a year or more. Your dentist can also provide you with a formula for sensitive teeth if that is a concern.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Your Platte City dentist knows that you have a busy life, so if you are unable to spend even a little time in the chair, you can benefit from take-home teeth whitening treatments. These treatments consist of dental trays filled with whitening gel that you can wear when it is convenient for you – even while you are asleep. You can choose the strength of the whitening compounds.

For especially stubborn stains, you might prefer to use a combination of in-office and at-home teeth whitening treatments.

Can Anyone Have Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Generally speaking, yes. However, your dentist will be understandably reluctant to provide you with teeth whitening treatments if your gums are not healthy. If you are considering teeth whitening but you also need other treatments like dental crowns or bonding, you should have those treatments before the whitening. This is because artificial compounds will not respond to whitening – only your tooth enamel will.

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