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What Can We See When Using an Intraoral Camera?

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Platte Valley Dental Care
What Can We See When Using an Intraoral Camera?Usually, we will conduct a physical observation of your mouth as the first step to detect any oral issue. Early detection of these problems will guide us into the best treatment to prevent their advancement into severe dental complications. For even more refined details about the problem, we will take an X-ray. However, an X-ray will focus on a target spot mouth rather than the complete view of your mouth; this is where an intraoral camera comes in handy. An intraoral camera enables us to see detailed features of your mouth and teeth. Through this camera, we will be able to see any lesions, tumors, and your teeth' detailed status.

Lesions and Tumors

Intraoral cameras are a useful tool in cancer screening, especially in individuals at risk of having cancer, such as heavy smokers and alcohol drinkers. We will use the camera to detect tumors and lesions in your mouth during oral cancer screening that could indicate cancer. Unlike physical observation and X-rays, these photos give accurate descriptions of the tumor, making them more useful. We will then send the photos to a cancer specialist for assessment and diagnosis.

Status of Teeth

When observing teeth using an intraoral camera, the camera will emit light onto the tooth, enabling us to see the tooth's status. This way, we will see cracks, cavities, and decay on your teeth and the extent of the damage. Given that you can also see your teeth' status through the intraoral camera, it will be easier for us to convince you of the best oral practices to prevent teeth damage and the best treatment to restore your teeth. We will also save the images from these examinations and use them for future reference and monitoring of your dental health to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment option we will recommend. For more details on your dental health and treatment, contact our office today.

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