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Laser Dentistry
Platte City, MO

a laser used in laser dentistry from Platte Valley Dental Care in Platte City, MO
Technology is constantly evolving. Dental technology has improved greatly in recent years, allowing us to provide you with higher quality care, improving the outcomes of your procedures and your overall satisfaction.

One of these technological developments is the dental laser. While lasers have been in use for quite some time now, they are still a fairly recent addition to dentistry. At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can use the dental laser for several different treatments, allowing us to optimize your oral care as well as the health of your mouth.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is a type of Specialized treatment that involves the use of a specialized laser to perform several different types of dental procedures. In many instances, the laser takes the place of the traditional scalpel. The laser tool uses a concentrated beam of light.

The laser light, which is about the thickness of a human hair, can be adjusted, allowing us to use it for a variety of purposes. Depending upon the wavelength, we can remove soft tissues or bone tissues. We can even use the laser to help stimulate the growth of new tissue following treatment.

How Can Laser Dentistry Be Used?

There are several different uses for laser dentistry:
•  Gum disease treatment. The laser can be used to remove infected gum tissue, making treatment with scaling and root planing possible. The laser can also be used to eliminate bacteria from periodontal pockets as well as seal pockets and stimulate the growth of new tissue to encourage healing.

•  Cavity treatment. We can use a laser to remove decay from a cavity and prepare it for a filling. With diagnotic laser cavity detection, we can remove only what needs to be removed, leaving more of your natural tooth structure intact.

•  Teeth whitening. A laser can help to enhance the effectiveness of the bleaching agent during in-office whitening.

•  Root canal therapy. After removing the infected pulp from the affected tooth, the laser can help to disinfect the inside.

•  Soft tissue biopsies. With a soft tissue laser, we can remove abnormalities in soft tissues to examine them under a microscope.

•  Oral surgery. In many cases, the laser is taking the place of the scalpel for different surgical procedures.

What are the Benefits?

There are multiple incredible benefits associated with laser dentistry. These benefits include:
•  Pinpoint accuracy. The laser is so accurate, we can treat only the target tissue, leaving all healthy tissues intact. This accuracy also allows for reduced tissue trauma, reducing pain and swelling following different treatments.

•  Less anesthesia is needed.

•  Reduced bleeding. The laser cauterizes tissues as it cuts, reducing the amount of bleeding you experience.

•  Reduced downtimes following treatments.

•  Allowing patients with dental fears and anxieties to get necessary treatments. The laser is much less invasive, reducing pain, swelling, and bleeding. This can be a great relief for patients who are anxious or fearful about receiving dental care.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

In short, yes. Laser dentistry is very safe. Just like any other tool used for completing dental treatments, there are still some risks associated with it. The wrong wavelength could cause permanent damage. The laser light could cause harm to your eyes. These risks are small, and we are highly experienced in the use of lasers, minimizing them. We take every precaution to ensure your safety during treatment, including providing you with specialized eyewear during treatment.

With laser dentistry, we can provide you with a much greater quality of care. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call Platte Valley Dental Care at (816)858-2027 today.

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Laser Dentistry | Dentist Platte City, MO | Platte Valley Dental Care
At Platte Valley Dental Care, we can use the dental laser for several different treatments, allowing us to optimize your oral care as well as the health of your mouth.
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